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   Mid Devon Searchers

    Metal detecting club

Welcome to our metal detecting club 

We are a friendly bunch and are always happy to see new members and to guide them in this fascinating hobby of ours. We have a strict code of conduct and all our members are fully insured with either NCMD or FID.

All paid up members can attend organised club digs which are held every two weeks, with a small charge of £5 for a days detecting. These are always fun and friendly and all finds are shown to the landowners and we ensure that these finds are recorded responsibly.

We are in a lucky position to have a lot of land to detect on with more becoming available to us for the future.

We hold club meetings every first Tuesday of each month and these are a great place to catch up for a drink and a chat and all finds over 300 years in age are recorded with the Portable Antiquities Scheme.

Our local find liaison officer for Devon is in attendance at some of our meetings and we try and have guest speakers come along whenever it is possible to do so.

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